Small farms

Farmers and agro-companies face complex tasks. One of the most important tasks is the right choice of agricultural machinery and technology. Solving this problem requires different competencies and experience. The emergence of new technologies and new models of agricultural machinery can lead to obsolescence of existing equipment and the need for more effective technology to improve economic performance.The innovative machines of our production change and improve the technology of grain processing, provide accurate fertilizer application and give you excellent opportunities to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.

That is why the priority areas of our plant are:

  • production of innovative high-performance agricultural machinery, allowing to optimize crop processing technology and improve profitability
  • building long-term partnerships that allow customers to provide the most comprehensive and quality solutions

How to choose the right agricultural machinery, you can read in our article.

The main thing is that the choice of agricultural machinery should be based on the characteristics of each individual farm or agricultural enterprise.

One of the main characteristics is the size of the acreage. Proceeding from this, we arbitrarily divided agricultural producers into three categories and offer ready solutions for small, medium, large farms and agroholdings. At the same time we offer alternative options and the final choice is yours. For example, for post-harvest harvest processing, both mobile and stationary machines can be used. Sometimes it is advisable to use both mobile and stationary machines simultaneously. The technique of our production is recommended for application by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. You can also get advice from us or our partners and make the best choice.

The need for innovation and high-performance technology

The state of post-harvest grain processing was in a phase of stagnation in terms of fundamental changes in technology and the use of new technical means. The modernization of existing grain cleaning complexes was reduced to the replacement of equipment that was already inoperative with new modern equipment that works on the same principles. The construction of a new stationary grain cleaning complex requires a significant amount of time, money and highly specialized workers.

Optimization of grain processing

The solution to this problem is the use of modern mobile technologies in post-harvest grain processing, which allows in a short time to move to a new level of application of equipment and technologies. We have developed innovative mobile systems that completely changed and simplified the technology of cleaning and loading grain, making it more efficient and many times cheaper.


The OBC-70M type mobile complexes developed by us and our other novelties made it possible to abandon the need to build expensive stationary grain cleaning complexes. Accordingly, land for the stationary complex, access roads to it, power lines, personnel, transport and fuel and lubricants for transporting grain from the warehouse to stationary grain cleaning units and vice versa are not needed. The result is the possibility of more efficient use of land, technology, human labor and finance

Opportunities for expanding production

Being engaged in agriculture, everyone hopes for the best. And it’s very good when they got a big harvest or the opportunity appeared to increase the land. But your equipment should also be ready for this. The agricultural machinery of our production has excellent productivity and will perfectly cope with a large crop or the need for accurate fertilizer application on any land.


The plant of agricultural machinery developed unique mobile complexes for post-harvest grain processing OVS-70M, OVS-70M2, OVS-70M3, OVS-70M4 and OVS-70M4P, which completely changed the technology of post-harvest processing (old and new technological scheme is attached) and combined the advantages self-propelled grain cleaning machines, grain throwers and grain loaders. Their innovativeness and advantages are confirmed by patents, test results and reviews of hundreds of owners.

The use of OBC-70M, OBC-70M2, OBC-70M3, OBC-70M4 and OBC-70M4P allows to reduce resource consumption due to:

  •     exceptions to the process of moving grain from the granary to the stationary grain cleaning complex and vice versa, respectively, all expenses (including expenses of fuels and lubricants and electricity) for loading, transportation, unloading, reloading, transportation and unloading, and in case of direct shipment of grain to the buyer, are excluded after processing - also for loading grain into the buyer's grain carrier
  •     a decrease of more than 7 times in electricity consumption - the specific energy consumption of OVS-70M-type machines is 0.25 kWh / t versus 1.76 kWh / t for a stationary grain cleaning unit and grain loader.

The use of OBC-70M, OBC-70M2, OBC-70M3, OBC-70M4 and OBC-70M4P can reduce the negative impact on the environment due to:

  •     resource Reduction
  •     the presence in the design of all models of the OVS-70M type of a closed-type aspiration system that captures dust and small waste and prevents it from entering the environment and the lungs of workers and makes it possible to use this waste for the manufacture of feed or fuel pellets
  •     the use of clean electricity for the operation of these machines

The economic efficiency of our mobile systems is achieved through:

  • Reducing the traumatization of grain due to the unique design of our mobile complexes and excluding the process of grain transfer from the granary to the stationary grain cleaning complex and back
  • The exclusion of the process of grain transfer from the grain storage facility to the stationary grain cleaning complex and back, as well as the grain storage facility, simplifies the whole process of harvest processing - there is no need to design, build and operate stationary complexes, to make access roads to them, to contain additional transport, cargo equipment and personnel
  • Reduction of the number of employed personnel (labor costs for the implementation of the technological process are only 0.02 man-hour / ton) and, accordingly, labor costs and taxes on it
The best models of machines for small farms



ОВС-25 с шнековыми питателями

ОВС-25 с шнековыми питателями идеально подходит для очистки зерна на ровных площадках, токах и складах.

Очиститель вороха
модернизированный ОВС-25М

Дополнительно установлены бампер, 2 фары , дистанционное управление и щит управления с напряжением 24 вольта.

ОВС-25У с удлиненным
выгрузным элеватором

В ОВС-25У имеется удлиненный выгрузной элеватор, который позволяет загружать транспорт высотой до 3 метров

ОВС-25Ц с циклоном

В очиститель вороха ОВС-25Ц встроен циклон, который очищает воздух от пыли и легких примесей

ОВС-25Д имеет
дополнительное решето,
которое позволяет разделить
ворох зерна на 4 фракции

В ОВС-25Д очистка производится не на 8, а на 9 рештах, что позволяет более качественно разделить чистое зерно и примеси

ОВС-25СЦ с циклоном

Интегрирована с циклоном


Очиститель вороха
стационарный ОВС-25СЭ
с элеватором

ОВС-25СЭ -  имеет выгрузной элеватор в отличие от ОВС-25С

Зернометатель ПЗМ-120М

Зернометатель ПЗМ-120М - идеальная машина для быстрой погрузки зерна  в любой транспорт и перебуртовки зерна.

Очиститель зерна мобильный
вакуумно-решетный ОВС-50Ш

Выполняет очистку зернового материала от мелких примесей на решетах и от легких примесей с помощью системы аспирации. Присоединяется к автомобилю, микроавтобусу, трактору и легко транспортируется  как прицеп.

Benefits of technology

Easy, convenient operation
and application

environmental friendliness

Ecologicality - absence
Harmful to health and harmful
of emissions


Low power consumption
and minimum expenses for


Safe design,


Perfected, and
embodied the latest scientific
development of

High quality
and reliable

Confirmed by certificates,
awards and thousands
grateful customers

Compliance with
European standards

Technology of production and
the technique itself corresponds
European standards


Buyers from many countries
grants from
budget for the purchase of our

quick payback

Achieved due to good
The prices and combination of all

The traditional scheme of post-harvest processing and shipment of cereals

Harvester loads
grain carrier

Grain truck with uncleaned


Grain-thrower (loader)

Grain truck with uncleaned

complex with reception
bunker and noria

Grain carrier with refined


Grain-thrower (loader)

Grain carrier with refined

New post-harvest processing scheme using mobile OBC complexes

Harvester loads
grain carrier

Grain truck with uncleaned


complex OBC-70M

Grain carrier with refined

Due to the mobility of the OBC-70M, OBC-70m2 and OBC-70MPA, it is possible to carry out an independent cleaning on the working area of ​​the warehouse directly from the storage collars or from the heaps brought by the truck from the grain harvester. The availability of an autonomous loading module in the OBC-70M, OBC-70m2 and OBC-70MPA eliminates the need for constant trucking of grain material and the use of norias or other loading devices for loading the post-harvest grain processing process. The presence of an unloading module in the OBC-70M, OBC-70m2 and OBC-70MPa makes it possible to form collars for storage storage or loading vehicles with cleaned grain material without the use of storage hoppers, a granulator or grain loaders. All this makes it possible, without the use of other machines, to ensure the continuity and optimization of the post-harvest processing process (the old and new technological scheme is attached), which in turn leads to significant savings in resource consumption and economic efficiency.



Certificates and licenses

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