grain cleaning

When using our self-propelled grain cleaning machines, it is possible quickly rise to a new level of technologies, cut expenditures and payback period of the agricultural machinery by several times as well as considerably increase the cost effectiveness of the cultivation of agricultural products.

grain cleaning

OBC-25CB self-propelled
grain cleaning machine
with cyclone and hopper

Has a cyclone that catches
dust and light impurities and the hopper
into which loading grain

ОВС-25D  has
additional sieve,
which allows you to split
heap of grain for 4 fractions

In ОВС-25D, cleaning is performed not on 8, but on 9 sieves, which allows for better separation of clean grain and impurities.

OBC-25M self-mobile  

cleaner of grain heap upgraded

Additionally, a bumper, 2 headlights, a remote control and a control panel with a voltage of 24 volts are installed.

Self-propelled grain cleaner

OBC-25L with extended elevator

The OBC-25L grain cleaner has an extended unloading elevator, which allows you to load grain into vehicles up to 3 meters high.

grain cleaner OBC-25
with auger loaders

ОВС-25 with screw feeders is ideal for cleaning grain on flat areas and warehouses.

OBC-25C self-propelled

grain cleaning machine with cyclone

The grain cleaner OBC-25C additionally has a cyclone, which cleans the air from dust and light impurities

The use of self-propelled grain cleaning machines is several-fold more profitable as compared with the use of fixed grain cleaning complexes because:

  • the entire procedure of harvest handling is eased - there is no need to design and build fixed complexes, construct approaching lines to them, maintain additional transport vehicles, loading machinery, and personnel
  • when using self-propelled grain cleaning machines, the cleaning is carried out directly in the grain warehouse, and in this connection, there is no need for transportation of the grain from the warehouse and backwards, and therefore there are no any expenditures for loading, transportation, and unloading
  • self-propelled grain cleaning machines move along the warehouse by themselves and load themselves with uncleaned grain without the help of other machinery or people
  • self-propelled grain cleaning machines can load grain into a truck body or a trailer without the help of grain throwers, loaders, grain elevators, and other machinery

The capacity of our self-propelled grain cleaning and sorting machines is high; it reaches up to 25 tons per hour, which makes it possible quickly clean large amount of grain.

Self-propelled grain cleaning machines are used to clean of impurities ear-forming, cereal, leguminous crops, sorghum, sunflower, corn, flax, and oil seed rape. They may be used both outdoors and in the indoor grain bins. They perform high-quality cleaning due to the use of screens, brushes, and regulated airflow. The additional advantage of grain cleaning machines lies in the opportunity to dry grain simultaneously with its cleaning.

The use of self-propelled grain cleaning and sorting machine will be especially convenient for the farm enterprises having some grain warehouses or agricultural cooperatives.

The grain cleaning machine OВС-25 is a base model upon which the Agricultural  Machinery Plant has developed a series of updated machinery with the additional advantageous operational characteristics. The works on improvement are confirmed by a series of Ukrainian and International patents. The Agricultural Machinery Plant enjoys exclusive right to manufacture the grain cleaning machines  OВС-25 as confirmed by Registration Certificate of the World Intellectual Property Organization No. 1064077 dated 28 December 2010. 

The advanced models of agricultural self-propelled grain cleaning machines are provided with the additional functions. Thus, the grain cleaning machine OВС-25СЦ is outfitted with a cyclone, thanks to which neither dust nor light impurities get into the air.

In the model OВС-25У, the height of unloading elevator is increased due to which it is able to load grain into a truck body or a trailer by itself. The model OВС-25Д makes it possible to divide grain into a large number of fractions.  

The grain sorting machine  OВС-25ЦУД, which is completed with a cyclone and oblong unloading elevator, performs division of the grain material into a large number of fractions. 

It is easy to buy any of these self-propelled grain cleaning machines. Contact our Plant, choose a model, and you will receive machinery at an attractive price. The high quality and superior performance capabilities of self-propelled grain cleaning machines have earned many awards. Our Plant became a winner of the Grand Prix of the Quality Mark “The Highest Quality” the National Quality Award and earned an award “The Best Products of the Year” for their manufacturing.

The grain cleaning machine OVS-25 was recognized as the best goods of the year and took the lead in the Contest for the Best Products, Technology and Scientific Development for six years in succession.

The self-propelled grain cleaning machine is a machinery, which will be suitable for the manufacturers of agricultural products. You have an opportunity to purchase state-of-the-art high-technology grain cleaning machines. It is possible to buy any models of grain cleaning machines.

The machinery may be exported to any country of the world. If the grain cleaning machines are sent abroad, the price will be very profitable.

If you have made up your mind to buy a grain cleaning machine, contact us, and you will receive the best innovative self-propelled grain cleaning machines!