Can your plant make a heap scraper self-propelled with scraper feeders?

The agricultural machinery plant has a powerful production base and the most modern equipment that allows performing any technological
operation. At the request of the customer, the heap cleaner of the self-moving OVS-25 can be supplied by our factory both with scraper and with screw


Why on some OVS-25 and ZERNOMETATEL is not a scraper feeder, but a screw?

The agricultural machinery plant produces OVS-25 and grain-millers both with scraper feeders and with screw conveyors.

When using screw feeders, losses and injured grains are less than when using scraper. When turning the scraper on the edges
Scraper feeder forms a "dead zone", which leads to additional labor costs. It is also worth noting that when the lower branch moves
Scraper conveyor takes the grain along the asphalt and hits the scraper along the grain, which leads to a new trauma to the grain material.
A disadvantage of auger feeders is that, unlike scraper feeders, they can not collect grain from small pits on the surface
current or grain storage.
Scraper OVS-25, grain pickers PZM-90S and PZM-110 produced by our factory of agricultural machines have their advantages - they are successful
They are used on currents and in grains with significant surface irregularities or a large difference in altitude.