Innovative grain cleaners, grain loaders and throwers

The plant  of agricultural machines is the leading specialized factory for the production of grain cleaners, seed cleaners, grain loaders, grain throwers and fertilizer spreaders. We have been producing them since 1999 and we are professionals in this field. During this time, we have manufactured more than 7000 agricultural machines, successfully working in 21 countries around the world. Each of our grain cleaners, seed cleaners, grain throwers, grain loaders and fertilizer spreaders has excellent technical characteristics and compares favorably with products from other manufacturers.
The plant has 2 branches, the most modern equipment and highly qualified personnel. Since 2018, production has been conducted jointly with a German company. Our innovative agricultural machines are demonstrated at major international exhibitions, have received many awards, are patented and certified in the EU and Ukraine. Excellent technical characteristics, quality, convenience and safety of the equipment manufactured are confirmed by state tests and thousands of grateful customers. We look confidently into the future and are looking for new partners around the world.
Our production

Take advantage of innovative grain cleaning and loading technology

Our innovations in post-harvest grain processing are embodied in the design of mobile grain cleaning systems, self-propelled grain cleaners, seed cleaners and grain throwers. For the first time in the world, we combined in one machine a powerful suction system, a grain cleaner, a grain loader, a grain thrower and a system for collecting dust and light impurities. As a result, we have created high-performance self-propelled grain-cleaning complexes OBC-70M with a completed technological cycle of grain processing - acceptance, cleaning, drying and shipment. This simplified the entire crop processing process - no need to build stationary complexes, access roads, contain additional transport, loading equipment and personnel.

We have developed the OBC-25 self-propelled grain cleaner with a cyclone, the OBC-50 mobile grain cleaning machine, the OBC-355 multifunctional drum grain separator, fertilizer spreaders with a computer and many other agricultural equipment. The use of our innovative machines allows us to quickly move to a new level of application of machinery and technologies, several times reduce the cost and payback period of agricultural machinery, and also significantly increase the profitability of growing agricultural products.

grain cleaners - loaders
grain cleaners
Stationary grain cleaners
and seed cleaners
Grain throwers
grain loaders
Fertilizer spreaders
Benefits of technology

Easy, convenient operation
and application

Environmental friendliness

Ecologicality - absence
Harmful to health and harmful
of emissions


Low power consumption
and minimum expenses for


Safe design,


Finished to perfection
and embodied the latest
scientific developments

High quality
and reliable

Confirmed by certificates,
state tests, awards and thousands
of grateful buyers

Compliance with
European standards

Technology of production and
the technique itself corresponds
European standards

State support

Buyers from many countries
receive subsidies from
budget for the purchase of
our innovative equipment

Quick payback

Achieved due to good
The prices and combination of all

Together with research institutes, we constantly conduct research and create new innovative and highly efficient agricultural machines that simplify and reduce the cost of grain processing and fertilizer application. Check out machines that are ideal for small farms.

Each farm has its own characteristics, for which you need to choose the most effective agricultural machinery. Tests and operating experience have shown the high efficiency of the equipment produced by the plant. Find out more about which machines are recommended for medium-sized farms.

Large agricultural enterprises and agricultural holdings need highly efficient and highly productive equipment for successful farming. Learn more about agricultural machinery recommended by us and research centers and institutes for large farms.

Become a partner

Our excellent technique, experience and professional support of partners is what will give you unique opportunities for successful business in the field of agriculture. Dealers of the plant have already achieved excellent results. We are expanding the dealer network and are looking for new partners in different countries.


more than 12 patents for
grain cleaners and
grain loaders




21 country successfully
uses technology


more than 50 awards for
and innovation


more than 7000

Our awards
GIZ Certificate "Green Impulse. Green Chamber Award", photo

The agricultural machinery plant was awarded a certificate of the competition of innovative products, the best technical solutions in the field of green economy "Green Impulse. Green

Diploma of the international agro-industrial exhibition AGROEXPO-2021, photo

Diploma of the international agro-industrial exhibition AGROEXPO-2021. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food together with the Ministry of Economy.

Gold medal of the international agro-industrial exhibition AGRO-2020 in the nomination "The best manufacturer of agricultural machinery", photo

For the eighth time in a row, the Agricultural Machinery Plant was recognized as the best domestic manufacturer of agricultural machinery and was awarded the gold medal of the

National certificate "Company of 2019" for the leadership in the production of agricultural machinery, photo

As a result of the all-Ukrainian rating, the agricultural machinery plant became the best company in 2019 among manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The plant received this award


Our innovative equipment for post-harvest grain processing is presented at the National stand of Ukraine at Canada’s Farm Show 2024,...

Our equipment - the OBC-25C self-propelled grain cleaning machine and the PZM-120M grain thrower were successfully demonstrated at the...