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machines since 1999

The factory of agricultural machines is the leading specialized factory for the production of machines for cleaning, post-processing, shipping and moving grain, and also applying fertilizers. We have been producing agricultural machinery since 1999 and we are professionals in this field. All manufactured equipment is certified for compliance with the requirements of existing European standards and is supplied to many countries around the world.

The plant has a strong production base, the most modern equipment, qualified personnel and a dealer network. The production is located in the city of Lubny in the Poltava region and in the village of Lubny. Kitaygorod, the Dnipropetrovsk region The total area of ​​production areas is more than 37,000 square meters, and the territory exceeds 7 hectares.

The plant conducts active scientific and research activities in the field of agricultural machinery and has many patented developments. Successful combination of many years of experience, the most modern technologies and innovations allow us to produce unique high-quality agricultural machinery that works with maximum efficiency.

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The best innovative machines are the excellent technical characteristics, the highest quality, convenience and safety of the equipment manufactured by the plant, which are recognized in many countries.

Why we are the best

The plant is equipped with the most modern, mainly Swiss and German equipment

The production technology and the produced equipment comply with European standards

Developed ready-made technological solutions for the needs of small, medium-sized businesses and large agro-companies

The high quality of our equipment is confirmed by certificates, award-winning & nbsp; and thousands of buyers

The agricultural machinery plant produces the most efficient and convenient machines for the successful development of agriculture throughout the world. To promote the development of the agricultural business through the use of new innovative equipment - this is the mission of the plant. Our innovative technology is a tool that optimizes production processes in farms and agricultural companies of any size.

For success in the development of agricultural machinery, the farm machinery plant has received many awards and is recognized as the best producer of agricultural machinery in Ukraine. Our excellent technique, experience and professional support of partners is what will give you unique opportunities for business in agriculture. We confidently look to the future and are looking for new partners around the world.

Main principles of the company

1 needs
agribusiness -
our main
a priority

Our task is to meet the needs of the modern market and bring agricultural machinery of Ukraine to a new level. Agricultural machines that we produce are highly technological, reliable and easy to manage. Using our innovative agricultural machinery will allow you to optimize your work and increase the efficiency of your business.

2 pursuit
quality standards

The products of the agricultural machinery plant are created according to the highest international quality standards. Modern equipment, qualified specialists and the latest technological developments make it possible to produce agro machines of the highest quality. Our agricultural machines are reliable, environmentally friendly, efficient and convenient to use, which is confirmed by state tests and great demand for them in Ukraine, the European Union and other countries.

3 partnership

Our plant for the production of agricultural machinery successfully forms an international dealer network and builds effective mutually beneficial relations with partners in different countries. We work so that customers become our partners. The relationship with the customer does not end with the purchase of a farm machine. After the sale of equipment, we maintain relations and conduct after-sales service. As a result, many customers become our regular customers.

4 search for new
solutions and ways
development of,
do not stop
on the achieved

Innovation is an important part of modern agricultural engineering. The production of the latest technology requires constant improvement of technologies and new developments. We constantly modernize the production process and create new models of agricultural machines with unique technical characteristics.

5 competence
and responsibility

All our products are certified in Ukraine and the European Union. The company produces the best innovative agricultural machinery and is responsible for each unit released.


more than 12 patents for




21 country successfully
uses technology


more than 50 awards for
and innovation


more 7000

Certificates and licenses
Our partners
Technotorg, Ukraine
ETUFARM, Romania
Agropiece, Moldova
GALUOTAS, Lithuania
Arvin Hur LLC, Mongolia

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