grain cleaning

The isolation of basic crop seeds in their pure form is one of the most important and labour-intensive technological operations in the procedures of receiving, storage, and processing of grain. In many countries, up to 40 percent in the grain cost structure fall on the postharvest handling, and the labour inputs reach up 50 percent of the aggregate expenditure.

We have combined a high-powered aspiration system, grain cleaner, grain loader, grain thrower, system for dust and light impurity collection in a single self-propelled machine for the first time in the world. Consequently, we have developed high-performance mobile machines with a complete technological cycle of grain material handling – receiving, cleaning, drying, and shipping for the transportation or storage.

grain cleaning

complex for cleaning,
drying and loading
grain OBC-70M4

OBC-70M4 is a self-propelled complex for cleaning, drying, loading and folding grain. Consists of a powerful grain cleaning machine and a grain thrower. In addition, it is equipped with an auger for removing impurities separated by sieves.

Self-propelled grain
cleaning machine, grain
thrower and grain loader

OBC-70M4L is a self-propelled high-performance hybrid of a grain cleaning machine, a grain thrower and a grain loader. OBC-70M4L has an additional screw conveyor that unloads impurities separated by sieves into a single waste pile.

Mobile grain cleaning machine OBC-355CMA with loading system

Mobile grain cleaning machine
with a loading auger
and a cyclone OBC-355CMA

The universal mobile grain cleaner OVS-355C cleans any grain and makes it possible to get the highest quality seeds from it. This grain cleaner has over 50 different applications.

Self-mobile cleaner of heap grain

thrower ОВС-70М3

Highly efficient self-propelled complex for cleaning, drying and loading or reloading grain. It has an additional system for cleaning grain on sieves, which allows to achieve high quality cleaning.

Self-mobile cleaner

of heap and

grain thrower ОВС-70МP


ОВС-70МP in contrast to ОВС-70M
has an extended unloading elevator.

Self-mobile grain cleaner
and grain loader ОВС-70L

Serves as a grain cleaning machine and grain loader. The main difference between ОВС-70L and ОВС-70M is that the cleaned grain is not conveyed by the conveyor to the trimmer, but directly to the trailer, big-run, hopper or spills down.

Self-mobile cleaner of heap grain thrower

ОВС-70М and ОВС-70М2

ОВС -70M self-propelled heap cleaner performs the functions of a self-propelled grain cleaning machine and a PZM grain thrower

Mobile grain cleaner
vacuum with sieves

Vacuum cleaner with sieves  ОВС-50 is a mobile hybrid of a grain cleaning machine and auger grain loader, demonstrating a high performance.
Performs cleaning of grain material from fine impurities on sieves and light impurities using an aspiration system. Easily transported by car as a trailer.

When using our innovative mobile grain cleaning complex OVS, it is possible quickly rise to a new level of technologies, cut expenditures and payback period of the agricultural machinery by several times as well as considerably increase the cost effectiveness of the cultivation of agricultural products.

A procedure of grain transportation from the grain warehouse to the fixed grain cleaning complex and backwards is excluded by virtue of the use of the mobile grain cleaning complexes OВС. Consequently, there are no expenditures for loading, transportation, unloading, reloading, transportation and unloading, as well as for loading of grain into the Buyer’s grain carrier if the grain is shipped just after handling.  

The mobile grain cleaning complexes OВС present a new multipurpose type of machines, which already successfully used in the agriculture. These machines appeared to replace fixed grain cleaning complexes. When using a mobile complex, you ease the entire harvest handling procedure - there is no need to design and build fixed complexes, construct approaching lines to them, maintain additional transport vehicles, loading machinery, and personnel.

The mobile grain cleaning complex OВС is essential for post-harvest care by virtue of the possibility of high-speed movement. It can be successfully used in the elevators, warehouses, and the grain bins moving from one ground to another by itself.

The mobile grain cleaning complex makes it possible to carry out quick and quality cleaning of a heap of chaff and grain of leguminous, spiked, cereal crops, rice, sunflower, corn, sorghum, etc. When using this innovative machinery, you can separate grain both by specific gravity (due to the use of an intense airflow) and by size (using the screens and grids with different meshes). These multipurpose machines can perform mechanical turning, carry out partial grain drying both in the open grounds and in the grain warehouses. The mobile grain complex can also load grain into the motor trucks with any side height.

The mobile grain cleaning complexes  manufactured by the Agricultural Machinery Plant is distinguished by high performance ranging from 40 to 90 tons per hour depending on the model of complex, type, moisture, and degree of impurity of the grain being cleaned.

Another essential advantage of the mobile grain cleaners OВС lies in the minimum electric power consumption equalling to 0.25 kWh per a ton of grain.

These high-technology multifunctional mobile machines are very practical and easy-to-work being easy-to-operate at that. They neither present complications when being put into operation nor need the expensive maintenance service.  

The Agricultural Machinery Plant is manufacturing the innovative machinery having earned many awards for the perfect quality, reliability, high competitiveness, superior performance capability, and environmental friendliness. The Plant was awarded with the Certificate of Innovative Product International Contest “Green Impulse. Green Chamber Award” for manufacturing of the new mobile grain cleaners  OВС – 70 M as the best engineering solution in the field of green economics.

The innovative mobile machines manufactured by the Plant are characterized by a high degree of environmental friendliness. There are no emissions of greenhouse gas, pollutants, and toxic substances emissions into the atmosphere during their operation. The effective closed-loop aspiration system mounted on the machinery makes it possible to use caught light impurities either at once as a fuel or as the raw materials for manufacturing of fuel briquettes.

The mobile grain cleaning machinery will be an exclusively useful purchase. To buy a grain cleaner simultaneously functioning as a grain thrower and a grain loader will be profitably for the farm units, which cannot afford to have a great deal of the agricultural machinery. To buy the mobile grain cleaning  complex OВС is also profitable for the enterprises having some threshing floors or grain warehouses in place.

The use of multipurpose mobile machinery manufactured by the Agricultural Machinery Plant will make it possible to perform cleaning and loading of a plenty of grain within a short time.

You have an opportunity to buy the mobile grain handling complex, the price of which is reasonable, and obtain the machinery, which is considered to be the best by its performance capability and reliability.

Purchase the mobile grain cleaning complex at the Manufacturer’s prices, use all of its advantages, and come up to the new level of technologies!