Fertilizer spreaders BIM - effective on the field and safe on the road

To obtain a good harvest, it is necessary to ensure the proper mineral nutrition of plants. To do this, you need to choose the right spreader of mineral fertilizers. The most important thing when choosing a fertilizer spreader is the accuracy of applying fertilizers. If the fertilizer spreader does not provide an accurate, uniform fertilizer application, this may result in a part of the plants receiving less fertilizer than necessary, and the other part more than necessary.

Modern fertilizers are expensive. Using fertilizer spreaders BIM of our production, you will ensure a uniform application of fertilizers. Using spreaders from other manufacturers, you can simply throw money away.

If you have a small farm, you can use the mounted spreaders BIM. Tractor power up to 90-110 hp. it is easy to take on a sample spreader BIM with a body volume from 1000 to 1500 liters. And in the trailed variant, such a tractor will be able to handle a 4000 liters bunker on a cart.




Mounted spreader of
mineral fertilizers ВІМ-1500

The spreader has a 1500 liter hopper,
ideal for small farms and
ensures precise fertilization

Trailed four-wheel
fertilizer spreader

Has a four-wheeled trolley
due to which it remains in balance,
precisely fertilizes and
less compacts the soil

Trailed fertilizer spreader
 BIM GKE10000

The best solution for large farms and cooperatives

Mounted and trailed fertilizer spreaders BIM

The presence of a larger tractor makes it possible to use a fertilizer spreader of larger capacity and to optimize the number of logistic operations - access to the edge of the field for loading, the work of a loader to fill the hopper.

Trailer spreader BIM T even with a small tractor makes it possible to initially load a larger volume for a walk in the field. When applying fertilizers to rough terrain, we recommend using trailed fertilizer spreaders of the BIMTT range. They use a tandem system, with all four wheels always in contact with the ground, the spreader is in balance and ensures high accuracy of fertilizer application.

The fertilizer spreaders BIM have a bunker in the volume from 1000 to 10 000 liters. Fertilizers are supplied to two rotating discs, spreading granules on a strip from 10 to 36 meters wide. The speed of rotation and the design of the discs are chosen in such a way as to ensure a gentle spreading mode. In this case, you can adjust both the width of the grip and the rate of fertilizer application.

Fertilizers come from the bunker to the discs through filters and a system of double dampers with independent control. At the edge of the field, this allows the hydraulic drive to quickly close and reopen the supply of fertilizer.

The maximum accuracy of spreading fertilizers is achieved with the help of adjustable distributor blades and modern Limiter system, which allows to limit the area of ​​spreading by the edge of the field or adjacent pond.

To adjust the spreading rate on the ВІМ GKЕ-5000,  ВІМ GKЕ-6000, ВІМ GKЕ-7000, ВІМ GKЕ-10000 models, an electronic system is used, which allows not only to correct this indicator, but also to document the entire operation of the device. The electronics of these models allow choosing the optimal path of the tractor along the field, considering the laying of the technological track with reference to the specified map through the GPS system. The employee is created the most convenient conditions for driving.

The main advantages of BIM fertilizer spreaders are:

  • high accuracy of fertilizer application
  • The production is carried out jointly with the German company mainly from German components under the supervision of German specialists
  • large selection of additional functions and complete sets
  • comfort and reliability thanks to a simple and easily accessible adjustment of the application rate and the working width
  • careful filling, feeding and ejection of pellets, which allows you to save fertilizers and guarantees income
  • All parts of the fertilizer distribution system are made of stainless steel
  • Maintenance-free, reliable gearbox
  • the volume of the hopper is easy to increase due to the nozzles
  • simple convenient operation and maintenance
  • The system of double dampers determines the exact supply of the required quantity of fertilizers
  • the electronic regulation system (on some models) controls all the operating characteristics of the device and facilitates the work of the driver of the tractor
  • Hose holder protects couplings of hydraulic outlets from contamination
  • compliance with traffic safety requirements on public roads: the spreader has large warning signs, lighting, bumper and protective aprons, preventing dirt from entering the distribution system
  • Sturdy construction and highest quality workmanship


Working with modern fertilizer spreaders BIM is easy and convenient. Contact us and we will help you to choose a fertilizer spreader, ideal for your farm.