Trailed fertilizer spreader
 BIM GKE10000

The BIM GKE10000 fertilizer spreader differs from the BIM GKE7000 model in its axle and heavy-duty tires, as well as its hopper, which has been increased due to extensions.

Trailed fertilizer spreaders with a computer of the BIM GKE series are produced jointly with a German company. These machines are indispensable in farms and large agricultural enterprises. They provide uniform fertilizer distributions across the field with a strip of up to 36 meters. The presence of a fertilizer hopper with a volume of up to 10700 liters, ensuring the careful handling of fertilizers, and high distribution accuracy ensure high-quality and reliable operation of the device.

BIM GKE10000 fertilizer spreaders ensure their even distribution with the help of two spreading discs, to which a strictly metered amount of fertilizer is delivered. The spread rate as well as the spreading bandwidth can be adjusted using a computer, shutters and the position of the discs.
BIM GKE10000 fertilizer spreaders have a protected scraper conveyor, its own hydraulic system and many other advantages.

The BIM GKE10000 trailed fertilizer spreader is equipped with a computer and state-of-the-art electronics to ensure accurate fertilizer application.

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