Grain cleaner OBC-25L

with extended elevator

The OBC-25L grain cleaner has

an extended unloading elevator,

which allows you to load grain

into vehicles up to 3 meters high.

ОВС-25L is a self-propelled grain cleaner with an unloading elevator height increased by 0.4 meters. This allows OBC-25L to independently load grain into a car body or trailer with a side height of up to 3 meters.

ОВС-25L, like other models of grain cleaning machines produced by us ОВС-25, is a self-propelled machine. The OBC-25L grain cleaner travels independently and loads itself with grain without the help of other mechanisms or personnel. Loading is carried out by a chain elevator, which is located in front of the ОВС-25L and picks up grain at a width of 5.3 meters. Grain cleaning in ОВС-25L is carried out by controlled air flow and on sieves, which allows to obtain a high quality of cleaning. The sieves are automatically cleaned by the brushes built into the ОВС-25L.

The self-propelled grain cleaning machine ОВС-25L with an extended elevator is of the highest quality and safety, certified according to the technical standards of the European Union and Ukraine.

OBC-25L with an extended unloading elevator is the best self-propelled machine for high-quality and fast cleaning of grains of spiked grain, cereals, legumes, oilseeds, industrial crops, corn, sorghum, sunflower, rapeseed from impurities. The OBC-25L grain cleaner is also perfect for farmers who do not have equipment for loading grain.

You can also choose models of the OBC-25L grain cleaning machine with a cyclone, a frequency converter, remote control, lighting, a bumper, a hopper, a screw loader, or a standard length of an unloading elevator.

Buy grain cleaner OBC-25L right now and use all its advantages!

Machine type self-propelled
Performance, tons per hour up to 25
Capacity, kWt 8.95
Electricity consumption kWt/hour per 1 t 0.35
Mass, kg 1902
Height, mm 3600
Length, mm 5000
Width, mm 5900
Lighting forward and backward option
Bumper option


Advantages of the OBC-25L grain cleaning machine with an extended elevator:

- the height of the unloading elevator increased by 0.4 meters;
- OVS-25U can independently load vehicles with a side height of up to 3 meters.

The use of any models of self-propelled grain cleaning machines ОВС-25 is several times more economical than the use of stationary grain cleaning machines or complexes, because:

- the whole process of grain harvest processing has been simplified - there is no need to design and build stationary complexes, access roads, maintain additional vehicles, loading equipment and personnel;
- when using self-propelled grain cleaning machines, cleaning is carried out directly at the grain warehouse and, therefore, there is no need to transport grain from the warehouse and to the warehouse, which reduces the cost of loading, transporting and unloading;
- self-propelled grain cleaning machines themselves move around the warehouse and load themselves with grain without the help of other machines or people;
- ОВС-25 is a universal grain cleaning machine that can clean any type of grain or seeds with high quality;
- high productivity of self-propelled grain cleaning machines - up to 25 tons per hour, which allows you to quickly clean a large amount of grain;
- ОВС-25 can be used both indoors and outdoors;
- in the process of cleaning on ОВС-25, the humidity of the cleaned grain is partially reduced;
- ОВС-25 of any models is easy to transport, which is important for agricultural cooperatives or farms with several grain warehouses.

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