ОВС-25D  has
additional sieve,
which allows you to split
heap of grain for 4 fractions

In the purifier self-propelled ОВС-25D, purification is carried out not on 8, but on 9 sieves. The presence of an additional sieve allows better separation of pure grain and impurities. An additional sieve is installed in the housing of the auger of feed waste and divides them into two parts by size. Due to this, the ОВС-25D grain cleaning machine divides the grain into 4 fractions, and not 3 as ОВС-25 with 8 sieves.

ОВС-25D has a capacity of up to 25 tons per hour.

Cleaner  with additional sieve ОВС-25D, like other models of ОВС-25 grain cleaning machines we produce, is a self-propelled machine. ОВС-25D independently rides and loads itself with grain without the help of other mechanisms or personnel. Loading is carried out by a chain elevator, which is located in front of the ОВС-25D and picks up grain at a width of 5.3 meters. Grain cleaning in ОВС-25D is carried out both by regulated air flow and sieves, which allows to obtain high quality cleaning. The sieves are automatically cleaned by the brushes integrated in the ОВС-25D.

ОВС-25D is the best self-propelled technique for high-quality and high-performance cleaning of grain, cereals, legumes, oilseeds, industrial crops, corn, sorghum, sunflower, rape from impurities  in warehouses. ОВС-25D is also perfect for farmers who do not have equipment for loading grain.

You can also choose the model of the ОВС-25D grain cleaning machine with a cyclone, hopper, auger loader, remote control, bumper, lighting, an extended unloading elevator or without an additional sieve.

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