OBC-25CC stationary grain cleaner with a cyclone, photo

OBC-25CC stationary

grain cleaner

with a cyclone

Stationary grain cleaning machine with cyclone

 Unlike the usual OBC-25C model, the OBC-25CC grain cleaner has a built-in cyclone. The installation of a cyclone at OBC-25CC made it possible to solve the problem of cleaning the air emitted by the OBC-25C fan from dust and light impurities (small parts of leaves, grains, insects, sand, etc.). Previously, this was solved by installing a separate cyclone near the OBC-25C, conducting an air duct from the OBC-25C fan to it, and installing a clean air exhaust system from the cyclone. This led to significant additional costs and required a large free space. Now the plant of agricultural machinery has created a stationary heap cleaner OBC-25CC with an integrated cyclone that successfully copes with cleaning a heap of grain, saves space and money.

Grain cleaning with an aspiration system and sieves is performed in the same way as in the OBC-25C.


Productivity, tons per hour up to 20
Electric motor power, kW 4
Sieve number, pieces 8
Weight kg 1180
Length mm 3130
Width mm 1790
Height mm 2600


  • High performance in small sizes
  • The presence of an integrated cyclone
  • Simple robust design
  • Quick change sieves
  • Brush cleaning sieves
  • It can be in addition completed with elevators, a cyclone pipe and wheels
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