grain cleaning machine ОВС-25SE, photo
Stationary grain cleaner ОВС-25SE, photo

Grain cleaner

stationary OBC-25SE

with elevator

Stationary grain cleaning machine
OBC-25SE with elevator

OBC-25SE is a stationary grain cleaner OBC-25C equipped with unloading elevator additionally. Presence of such kind of elevator simplifies grain cleaning process and makes it possible transferring grain into vehicles, grain vessels, trailers, big bag etc.

If necessary, OBC-25SE can also be equipped with a cyclone as stationary grain cleaner OBC-25C and a loading conveyor. On customer request wheels can be installed to OBC-25SE that turns the unit into mobile one.

Stationary grain cleaner OBC-25SE performs primary grain and seeds cleaning using an aspiration system and sieves. Spreader separates impure grain in two equal parts and directs it to air channels. Fan airflow takes light impurities out. Larger impurities are captured with settling chamber from air stream.

After that grain purified in aspiration system comes to upper and lower sieves. At these sieves grain gets cleared of impurities kind of different size. Pure grain is collected at the bottom of OBC-25SE and unloaded with built-in elevator.

OBC-25SE is a reliable and highly efficient grain cleaning machine which is used by thousands of farmers in a row of countries.


Productivity, tons per hour up to 20
Total power of electric motors, kW 6,2
Sieve number, pieces                          8
Weight, kg 1185
Length mm 3700
Width mm 1890
Height mm 2970


The stationary grain cleaner with elevator OBC-25SE has the following main advantages:

  • simple robust construction
  • high performance
  • good quality grain cleaning
  • the presence of an additional elevator on the OBC-25SE simplifies the grain cleaning process and allows using without additional elevators to send clean grain to cars, trailers, big bags, bags and the like
  • a large selection of cheap sieves for cleaning all types of grain and seeds
  • minimal power consumption
  • possibility of execution in a mirror version to save space and the number of grain receiving bins
  • possibility of installation into existing grain cleaning complexes and grain cleaning production lines
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