How to choose agricultural machinery

The creation of an ideal system of equipment is very important. The emergence of new technologies and new models of agricultural machinery can lead to obsolescence of existing equipment and the need for more effective technology to improve economic performance. In addition, the number of hectares of land and workers may vary, weather.

Since many of these variables are unpredictable, the task is to create a system that is flexible enough to adapt to the weather conditions of harvesting, while at the same time minimizing long-term costs and risks.

The choice of agricultural machinery should be based on the characteristics of each individual farm. Below are the factors that influence the selection of equipment.

Size of sown areas

As the area under cultivation grows, a technique of increasing size or greater productivity becomes necessary to ensure the timely completion of sowing and harvesting. As an alternative, you can buy two cars of the same type.

Diversification of crops

Diversification of crops allows to distribute on time the periods when the timely completion of agricultural work is important. Growing more than two crops reduces the productivity of machines required for a given crop area. However, this may also require the purchase of additional types of equipment, development of new technologies.

Choice of technology

The choice of technology depends on the technology used to grow agricultural products. For example, for post-harvest harvest processing, both mobile and stationary machines can be used. Sometimes it is advisable to use both mobile and stationary machines simultaneously.

Productivity and size of equipment

They are indicated in the technical specifications, but the performance depends on the operator's skills and weather conditions. The difference in the characteristics of machines can be determined in field tests, from research reports and on personal experience. Some models of technology are universal and suitable for most farms.


Buying too expensive equipment can lead to unnecessary overstatement of equipment costs and losses. The result of buying too cheap equipment can be a decrease in yield or poor quality. We produce excellent quality equipment at a good price.

Operating costs

Operating costs include fuels and lubricants, electricity, maintenance and repairs.

Labor costs

As the productivity of machines increases, the number of hours required for agricultural work is reduced. Accordingly, the costs of wages and salaries are reduced.

Costs for timeliness

The quantity and quality of the crop is affected by the timely carrying out of the relevant agricultural machinery. Untimely work can lead to loss of harvest. what is called "the cost of timeliness".

Harmonization of tractor power and machine size (for machines aggregated with the tractor)

The size of the machine that can be used is often limited by the size of the tractor. The result of the use of tractors with excessive capacity may be excessive costs for depreciation and operation. The use of tractors with too little power can lead to its rapid deterioration.

Aggregate costs of agricultural machinery

Include depreciation, operational and labor costs, costs for timeliness and storage, as well as other costs.

What should be the size and performance of machines?

In the case of very small (relatively cultivated area) machines or machines with low productivity (relative to the amount of harvest), a slight increase in the size or productivity of machinery can significantly reduce the cost of timeliness and labor. This is sufficient to compensate for higher fixed costs. However, as the size of the machines increases further, the cost savings for timeliness decrease, and with time the total costs begin to increase. Therefore, one of the problems of choosing the technique consists in choosing a technique of such dimensions and productivity that allows to minimize the total costs of agricultural machinery.

Some farms may not have enough hectares of acreage to justify ownership of a full set of machines. For such farmers, the use of multifunctional machines or the rental of machines for the performance of certain agricultural works will be optimal. This allows you to reduce total costs, as well as provide greater flexibility with respect to the number of machines. Mobile machines can be a very profitable acquisition - after use for their needs they can be rented or provided services.

The right choice of technology and technology requires different competencies and experience. In this regard, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of state bodies. For example, the machinery for the production of agricultural machinery is recommended for use by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

The emergence of new technologies and new models of agricultural machinery can lead to obsolescence of existing equipment and the need for more effective technology to improve economic performance.

That is why the priority areas of our plant are:

  • production of innovative high-performance agricultural machinery, allowing to optimize crop processing technology and improve profitability
  • building long-term partnerships that allow customers to provide the most comprehensive and quality solutions

You can also get advice from us or our partners and make an optimal.

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