Самопередвижной зерноочистительный комплекс с зернометом ОВС-70М4 фото
Самоходный зерноочистительный комплекс с зернометателем ОВС-70М4 картинка

complex for cleaning,
drying and loading
grain OBC-70M4

Self-propelled complex consisting of a powerful
grain cleaning machine and a grain thrower.
Grain cleaning is carried out according to the size on sieves
and a mesh conveyor, as well as according to aerodynamic properties

Self-propelled grain cleaning complex OBC-70M4 is an ideal solution for cleaning, drying, flanging and loading grain. High cleaning quality is ensured by the use of a built-in mesh conveyor, sieves and a powerful adjustable air aspiration system.

This grain cleaner has a capacity of 70 tons per hour for all major crops. At the same time, energy consumption is only 0.25 kW / h for processing 1 ton of grain. The height of storage and loading of grain is up to 10 meters, the flight range of grain is up to 25 meters.

Self-propelled grain cleaning complex OBC-70M4 has triple control - automatic, manual and remote. The design of this grain and seed cleaning equipment is as safe and convenient as possible.

The presence of an additional auger in OBC-70M4 allows removing impurities separated by sieves from the grain into a single pile with light and large impurities separated by a mesh conveyor and aspiration.

Anyone can work on OBC-70M4 after instruction, because it is very easy to operate this mobile grain cleaning equipment.

OBC-70M4, like other grain cleaning equipment, is produced by us together with a German partner in accordance with the technical standards of the European Union, is of high quality and very reliable.

Another important advantage that this self-propelled grain cleaning complex has is the price, which is several times less in comparison with any stationary grain cleaning equipment of similar performance. Buying this machine means solving all the issues of cleaning and unloading grain in the most efficient way.

Productivity, tone per hour up to 70
Type of drive electric
Power consumption, kW 18,52
Electric power consumption kW / h per 1 ton of grain 0,26
Height in working position, meters 3,6-4,5 (adjustable)
Length in working position (depending on trimmer position), meters 6,9 - 9,5
Grain heap fence width, meters  5-6
Mass,kg 2550
Maximum flight height of grain, meters до 10 (adjustable)
Machine type self-propelled
Number of operators for control 1


Self-propelled grain cleaning complex OBC-70M4 has the following main advantages:

  1.   OBC-70M4 unlike other grain cleaning machines independently without using grain throwers, loaders, bucket elevators, augers, etc. loads grain into a car body, trailer or container, or stores grain.
  2.   OBC-70M4 is a self-propelled, not a stationary grain-cleaning complex and for its use there is no need to draw up a project.
  3.   There is no need for additional costs for the commissioning of the OBC-70M4.
  4.   OBC-70M4 can be easily relocated to another grain warehouse or to another settlement. The stationary grain cleaning complex cannot be moved.
  5.   High productivity - 50-90 tons per hour (depending on the type, moisture content and degree of grain contamination).
  6.   High-quality sorting of grain: by specific gravity through the use of a powerful adjustable aspiration system and by size through the use of a mesh conveyor with different mesh sizes and sieves with a cleaning system.
  7.   The minimum electricity consumption for cleaning and loading is no more than 0.26 kW / h per 1 ton of grain.
  8.   The use of OBC-70M4 allows, during grain cleaning, to also dry it by reducing the moisture content to 4% at a time.
  9.   Service maintenance of the self-propelled grain cleaning complex OBC-70M4 is simple, convenient and inexpensive.
  10.   Minimal grain damage.
  11.   Applying OBC-70M4 you can easily solve the problem of fast cleaning, loading and drying of large amounts of grain.
  12.   The price for the OBC-70M4 grain cleaning complex is 5-6 times less in comparison with the construction of any stationary complex with a similar performance.
  13.   To buy a self-propelled grain cleaning complex OBC-70M4 means to solve all the problems of cleaning, drying, flanging and shipping grain in the most efficient way.


Watch  the  video  review  of  OBC-70M4

Watch the video how the grain cleaner OBC-70M4 works

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