Grain throwers

A grain thrower is an agricultural machine meant for quick loading of grain into the transport vehicles, formation, throwing over, and turning of the piles of grain in the elevators, grain warehouses, and grain bins. It is possible to clean grain of light impurities with the help of grain throwers.

The use of grain throwers of our manufacture is much more profitable and effective than the use of auger-type grain loaders and other conventional grain transfer technologies. The drawbacks of an auger-type grain loader lie in the grain coarse crushing when an auger is operated, it shall be transferred by hand, the distance of grain transfer is limited by the length of an auger while its capacity is not large. The use of the grain throwers of our manufacture ensures the minimum grain crushing, they can move by themselves, the grain flying range reaches 25 meters with the performance of 170 tons per hour.

Our grain throwers as distinguished from the vacuum grain loaders consume several-fold less electric power and have high performance.


Grain throwers

Powerful grain thrower PZM-170

The most powerful grain thrower for quick loading of grain into any transport, loading and unloading warehouses, grain transfer.

Grain thrower PZM-120M

The grain thrower PZM-120M is an ideal machine for quick loading of grain into any transport.

We are manufacturing the best innovative models of grain throwers, which are characteristic of high performance, reliability, safety, maneuverability, and usability.

Patented innovative solutions are embodied in the design of our grain throwers:

  • the design of trimming machine, which we have developed, prevents dust buildup, ensures minimum grain damage, large resource and automatic belt aligning
  • the pipe of trimming machine can be easily adjusted for height from 2.5 to 4.5 m, rotate and has an original design making it possible to increase the distance and clustering of grain flight
  • the availability of 4 automobile wheels, differential gear, and remote-control panel having considerably increased the maneuverability and facilitated the grain thrower control
  • the voltage of controlling and lighting system of our grain throwers is 24 volts, the entire design is maximally convenient and safe
  •  high performance (up to 170 tons per hour) and minimum power consumption equalling to 0.07 kWh per ton of grain

All grain throwers manufactured by our Plant have the superior performance capabilities and perfect quality winning the awards for that on a regular basis. The State Management of Affairs awarded the grain throwers manufactured by our Plant as the best goods in the nomination “Development and Manufacturing of the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment”. The Agricultural Machinery Plant was rendered the best manufacturer of the agricultural machinery for six years in succession at the exhibitions AGRO-2013-2018, and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine awarded us with the gold medals.  

The Agricultural Machinery Plant offers for sale the grain loaders and grain throwers of different modifications. The grain thrower PZM-120M is the basic model having the performance up to 120 tons per hour and will be excellently suitable for small and medium-sized farm enterprises. High-powered grain thrower PZM-170 with a performance up to 170 tons per hour will be ideally suitable for the large-scale farm enterprises, Corn Traders, and agricultural holdings.

You can choose a model of grain thrower outfitted with the loading hopper PZM-120B or PZM-170B. In this case, the grain gets on the transporting conveyor from the loading hopper, which is very convenient for work with the grain carriers or the loading systems of warehouses. Another variant is to buy ZUBR multipurpose hopper-type grain thrower PZM-170 being simultaneously outfitted with the scrapper feeders and hopper.

The grain thrower PZM-120K or PZM-170K having a special design of the pipe of trimming machine, which makes it possible effectively load a container of any size, will be an ideal fit for the loading of containers.

The reliability, efficiency, safety, workability, and facility in operation are the main characteristics of our grain throwers. We are manufacturing quality agricultural machinery being in demand in Ukraine, European Union, and other countries. It is exceedingly profitable for the buyers to purchase the grain throwers from the Agricultural Machinery Plant. A price for the grain throwers of our own manufacture is very attractive.

You can purchase the most up-to-date grain throwers at our Plant, which will help you to work with the grain quickly and efficiently. The machinery may be delivered to any country of the world.

Apply the best innovative agricultural machinery manufactured by the Agricultural Machinery Plant, work easily and with comfort!